Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Woman With The Jewelleries

I met her in the ladies compartment of Down Midnapur local, on my way back from office. She is in her late sixties, but she has such spirit that defies her age. She is a regular hawker in different local trains, selling cheap imitation fashion jewelleries in the ladies compartment. But behind this apparent happiness lives a bereaved mother, who has lost all her three sons when they were in their youth. So she makes daughters out of those girls and young women who are her customers. And on many occasions, she gives them their preferred jewelleries free of cost, for the God who has snatched her sons from her, has given her so many daughters in return, or so she believes.
We often feel sorry for our own small miseries, small indeed are ours when compared to hers. But still she smiles and embraces life with open arms. Such is her indomitable spirit.
Life is indeed worth living, for these people also live life so fully.