Saturday, May 14, 2016

To MAGNUM: With Love

This is saturday afternoon. After the sweltering hot weather of nearly one month, today the weather seems pleasant after last night's shower on the parched earth. I am enjoying every bit of this leisurely Saturday afternoon, after a hectic week at office. What can be a better time to write about ice-creams, that make living in a tropical country a bit less troublesome. And quite contrary to popular perception that falling in love and being with the perfect partner make one feel heaven on earth, I believe in the frivolous joys of life. It is such frivolities like having an ice-cream in a sultry afternoon, that makes life worth living. Unlike love and relationships, there's no pain attached with the delectable pleasure of savouring an ice-cream of your favourite flavour. Last week, I had the much-advertised Magnum ice-cream. I chose the chocolate flavour. And really, it was a treat to my taste-buds. The rich Belgian chocolate covered chocolate flavoured ice-cream was such a pleasure to have! Nothing can beat the euphoria of it! The cost was a bit exorbitant at Rs. 75/-. But then, it was worth the cost. 

Enjoy all the frivolities of life! Live, eat, read and love!

Happy Weekend to all my readers!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review: Panorama: A Collection of Short Stories

Panorama: A Collection of Short Stories

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

PANORAMA is a collection of short stories. This is the first book by the author. The range of topics of the stories is quite wide, each depicting a different emotion experienced by us in our mundane, day-to-day life. We encounter most of the characters in the course of our lives.

From the daughter of a maid, who gets puzzled when she gets hundred rupees to spend in the fair to the adorable pet of a child, the daughter of a politician, thirsty for her mother's affection for her entire lifetime and how one single instance of expression of love by her mother spells doom, the orthodox grandmother who turned secular by one single incident, fragrance of first love, though not culminated in union, is carried for a lifetime, a professor, unable to find meaning of his life, finds it in one single evening which changes his entire outlook towards life, a troubled mother-daughter relationship suddenly takes a sweet turn with the chance encounter of the daughter with her mother's old diary, how one fortune-teller's predictions come true, how the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi resulted in the untimely death of the sweet relationship between Hindus and Sikhs in a campus, how the stress and pressure of work took the precious moments away from the life of a busy executive, how a single mother, who lost her daughter in a fair, gets to know about her in a twist of fate.... the stories touch almost every emotion life has to offer. They depict the spark of extraordinary moments in an otherwise drab and dreary life, They portray the myriad emotions that life has to offer.

A must-read for the lovers of short stories.

(I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Whats more, she also signed the copy sent to me.)
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