Sunday, August 12, 2018

10 Years Down The Line

"Ae Waqt Ruk Ja, Tham Ja, Thehar Ja
Wapas Zara Daud Peeche
Main Chhod Aayi Khudko Jahan Pe
Woh Reh Gaya Mod Peeche...''

(Oh time, hold still, stop, wait
Start running backwards now
I have left myself at some point
That road is long gone...)

Remember those lyrics from the 90s most popular movie DDLJ? Yes, the whole India crooned these lines as Kajal and SRK lipped the soulful song. How we all wish for the time to stop at those bends of life where we left our most cherished memories. Recently, accidentally my mother came across an old prescription of mine of 1998. And an epiphany occurred to her that every 8th year of the decade has been a milestone in her daughter's life.

1998: I was just a school-going teenager aged 14. But the year was significant in the sense that I was recovering from a serious illness in that year.

2008: It was the year I appeared for the West Bengal Civil Services. I had left the campus job offer as a Software Engineer (Trainee). Not just the job, I didn't utilize my GATE rank which could have easily landed me into one of the prestigious IITs to pursue masters. Leaving everything for the sake of civil services seemed almost akin to putting all my eggs in one basket. And I was scared that if I failed to crack W.B.C.S., my career would be doomed. That year, my 24th year, turned out to be a major milestone in my life, as that was the year of my one and only attempt at W.B.C.S.

2018: I am the single mother of a 6-year-old boy now. Leaving behind the tumultuous years, life at 34 is on the threshold of another major change.

2028: I'll mother a teenager and god knows which crisis of adolescence we both will have to face.

But time flies as if it has got wings. And we go on achieving new milestones, adapting constantly with changes occurring with time.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cheers to Friendship

Sharing this selfie with my bestest friend  Priyanka on the occasion of Friendship Day. She has been my friend since the time we were in school. She always lends me ears when I want to vent, gives me shoulders to cry on when I am at my lowest. She is the one who knows me perhaps better than me - she is someone who knows all my secrets. Together we have so many memories that I am at a loss when I mull over which one particular incident to share. One incident which still makes me laugh is our reading together of the first love letter that she received, sitting in the last bench of the classroom of class 11, after the classes were over. All I want to say on this Friendship Day is, "Tere bina ho jeena, Woh din kabhi na aaye."

This post is written in association with Women's Web #bestfriendstales contest.

The Chessboard

My army now confronts your horse,
Putting your King's life in jeopardy-
On the black-and-white chessboard of life.
One wrong move,
And you lose the game.
I gaze into those black eyes of yours,
And I fail again to figure out my next right move.

© 2018. Swagata Tarafdar. All rights reserved.

Bengaluru Poetry Festival is a celebration of all things poetry. The third edition of Bengaluru Poetry Festival is on 4th and 5th of August 2018, at the Leela Palace Bengaluru. Women's Web hosted a poetry contest in association with Bengaluru Poetry Festival. The prompt was to write a poem in 7 lines or under with the picture prompt given below. This poem was among 3 winning entries. I won a copy of the Nine Indian Woman Poets: An Anthology by De Souze Eunice.