Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stealing some moments from Life to Love U

"Ring a-ring o' roses,
A packet full of posies.
A-Tishoo! A-Tishoo!
We all fall down"
And giggling, you fell down on the bed. I wondered when have you learnt so much, while you were reciting your nursery rhymes. Bliss leapt in my heart as I watched you. I want to love you, to caress you, to spend my whole life just watching you. But when I hugged you and planted a kiss on your cheek, saying, "My darling, my sona, my baby", you were suddenly flush with anger. "Mom, please don't call me baby now. I am no more a baby." I was surprised to know that my little bundle of joy is not a baby any more, he is a growing school-going boy. Truly, life has been hectic for me. Being a working mother, I missed so much of your precious moments, like the moment when you took your first step, the moment when you first uttered mummum, the moment when you wrote your first alphabet.... I missed all these and many more. I am sure you'll achieve many milestones in your life to come, but these small achievements are no less significant. And see, when you were achieving the first achievements of your life, your mother was not on your side to witness these.

Life is hurtling every day like a merry-go-round. And I often feel dizzy with its marvelous speed. But then, how could I, being a single mother, afford you the necessities of life? I practically have no choice. Meanwhile, life passes by like the grains of sand from the spaces between the fingers.

This post is written in line with the Prompt What is it that we are running after? Isn't it time to step back and enjoy life, nature, family or anything we really love #discoverlife