Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Unique Way to Begin The New Year

Every year, I begin the new year by sending SMS messages to my friends and colleagues. This time, I thought to begin it in a unique way, by gifting a book to a fellow book-lover, though unknown to me. This way I can spread the joy of reading in this new year.

This is how it works:

STEP 1: Send a book to the address I'll give you. This is the address of the person who has introduced me to it.

STEP 2: Coy and paste my status on your Facebook wall, which is as follows:

Then when someone comments/says yes, give them my address and name.
Whoever says yes will send a book to me.

Of course, in reality, you may get far less books than 36 as claimed in the status message. But then the focus is on spreading the joy of reading.

Today I gifted a book to an unknown person. In my case, I decided to gift the book which happens to be my best read in 2015. So I gifted "Riot" by Shashi Tharoor to my unknown friend, hoping that he likes it. Thanks to e-commerce giant Amazon, it took me only a few minutes. Lets see how many books I get ultimately in return, or whether I get one at all.

In this digital age, number of book-readers are dwindling fast. In this scenario, this kind of initiative can go a long way to promote reading habit.

Thanks to all the readers who visit my blog and wishing all of you a very happy and fun-filled year ahead. Stay tuned to my blog. Keep reading!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Revisiting the Golden Days: A Write-up on my school

"Ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo
Bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii
Magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan
Vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii....."

So goes a popular song of Jagjit Singh. Indeed, we all want to go back to our childhood days. Yesterday was the reunion of my school. Though I didn't attend the reunion, I saw so many photos of the reunion in Facebook page of our school's alumni association. It made me feel so nostalgic yesterday night to see the old school building, my beloved teachers once again, thanks to Facebook. Memories swamp over me.... Writing admission test for getting admitted in Class 5, the big classroom of Section A, Class 5, me sitting in the last bench, sharing lunch with friends, getting angry over some squabble with them, playing in the school playground with them..... me giggling over some silly jokes in the big, airy, 2nd floor classroom of Section A, Class 6, standing over the bench holding ears with all my classmates for talking loudly in the class..... the big tree on the school entrance..... the wicked gate-keeper of the school with stretched ears, thats why we called him 'Lambokorno'..... writing exams, trying to draw perfectly those Geometrical figures..... wearing a saree for the first time in Class 9.... borrowing my mother's pink saree to wear in the school's Saraswati Puja..... making measurements in the Physics lab, breaking a test-tube in the Chemistry lab and the teacher's reproach..... that frog dissection in the Biology lab which gave me vomiting..... I entered there on the verge of adolescence and left it on the edge of adulthood..... Meanwhile, it occupies all the 8 years of my adolescence..... Memories that seems to be from a previous birth (do I have any?)..... eyes glisten even today as I think of my alma mater..... Life was so simple as can never be again..... Thanks to Gramya Hitakari Alumni Association..... Keep up the good work, girls (we will never grow up to become women in our teachers eyes, I guess)..... Miss my school, my friends, my teachers..... I am what I am today because of you.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
This is my first letter to you. I don’t know much about you in this three years brief existence on earth. I only know this much that you look quite adorable in that red outfit of yours (like the one mom tried to make me wear last Christmas) and your white beard (yes, I know that. There was even one with the Santa Claus dress she bought last year. But I hate to wear beard. I am not very comfortable with it). Another thing I know about is is that you fulfill the wished of those children who have been nice all the year (and not naughty, of course). But how can one define what is nice and what is naughty, for the same act which seems nice to me, seems naughty to my mom. See, it all depends on the perspective. So which side will you take, Santa? Mine or my mom’s? Well, I don’t know.
This year though, I tried to be nice throughout the year, that too from my mom’s perspective. Like all three-year-olds, I love colours, perhaps you know that. Pastel crayons, plastic crayons, sketch pens, colou pencils, I have it all (though I lose one almost everyday, and that leaves no other choice for my mom but to buy one entire set again). I know she likes to see me painting. “You paint so well dear”. She nods approvingly whenever I am painting something on my colouring books, whether that painting makes sense or not. But paint the same picture on the wall, or the almirah, or the refrigerator (yes, I paint there, too), she will yell at me with so much reproach in her eyes. This year, though, I tried to confine my paintings mostly to colouring books and minimise the mural paintings (I succeeded to minimise it, though I could not stop it altogether. I just love walls painted with exciting colours and nice pictures, rather than the boring monocoloured wall).
This year, I started school for the first time in my lofe (I am a student of playgroup, for your kind information). Though I don’t quite love the idea of going to school, but I have to go there. It’s kind of compulsion. Otherwise, my mom creates a big fuss over me not going to school and watching cartoons on TV all day long. In this first year of my school life, though, I attended school for most of the time.
Thanks to my play school, I am learning my alphabets now. And sometimes, though just to make my mom happy, I try to write them on my exercise book and complete my home tasks, instead of playing with my toys or watching cartoons. See, how nice I am.
And oh, one last nice act of mine, I must mention here. I ate rice and vegetables on some days during this year (although serving papad or fried potato is compulsory for me to eat rice). I also tried to reduce my ice-cream intake (last summer, I caught cold by having excessive ice-creams and had a fever. It’s so distressing, you know).
Hope I have been nice enough. Now it’s your turn to be nice and gift me the toys that I wish.
With love and laughter,

P.S.: I am just learning my alphabets as I told you and am not knowledgeable enough to write an entire letter. So my mom wrote this letter on behalf of me. However, within a few years, when I’ll grow up a little bit and will be able to write letters on my own, I’ll write you you far better letters than this one that mom has written.

(This letter is my entry for the 'Letters to Santa" (LTS) contest conducted by Flipkart.)